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Useful properties of mango

It is well known that in all yellow-orange fruits contain a lot of carotenoids. So do the mango: amount of beta-carotene in fruit pulp outnumbered the carrot.

Полезные свойства манго

The human body uses beta-carotene for the synthesis of vitamin A. If the body feels the lack of vitamin A, it increases the body’s sensitivity to colds, reduces acuteness of twilight vision and breaks processes of keratinization of the skin.

This fruit also not deprived by the B vitamins. There are a lot of iron, potassium, organic acids and dietary fiber. The large number of biologically active substances in the mango made this fruit in traditional Indian medicine one of the medical remedies. At the end, scientists around the world agree on the high dietary value of this fruit.

Полезные свойства манго

Mango for detoxification

There is a high liquid and minerals content in the pulp of dried mango, that stimulates the intestines and kidneys. Fasting days with mango derive superfluous liquid, while improving metabolism.


Mango for skin protection

These fruits contain a lot of beta-carotene, which plays the role of an antioxidant and protect the skin cells from damaging environmental factors. For example, ultraviolet radiation. This is true in our country in the seasons of active sun, and year-round in tropical countries.

Полезные свойства манго
Полезные свойства манго

Mango when the high blood pressure

One average mango with the weighing about 650 grams makes up one third of the daily requirement for potassium and significantly reduces blood pressure. Besides, mango juice can be used in diet therapy of atherosclerosis, as it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


Mango for eyesight

Lack of vitamin A in the body is accompanied by disturbance of synthesis of of visual pigment and causes deterioration of night vision. In such cases, ophthalmologists recommend stick to a containing carotene diet. In such case, mango is very felicitous fruit!

Полезные свойства манго
Полезные свойства манго

Mango for the prevention of cancer

Mango pulp is rich in substance with strong antioxidant properties. One of these substances — cryptoxanthin carotenoid. By the researches, consuming containing antioxidants food reduces the risk of tumor development.


Mango during stress

It is known that during long emotional stress our body actively uses vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), due to the increasing requirements to the functional state of the nervous system. Daily use of mangoes will help compensate the lack of vitamins and calm the nerves.

Полезные свойства манго
Полезные свойства манго

Mango during sleep disorders

If you have sleeping problems, you can not fall asleep for a long time, this exotic fruit can help. In the evening, you just need to eat a little banana and mango pulp with 150 grams of yogurt. Or regularly drink mango juice, even in small doses — it`ll increase the quality of your sleep.


Mango and gastro-intestinal diseases

The fruit is rich in provitamin A, which protects irritated gastric mucosa. Eating sweet mango can soothe the stomach lining. And fruit acid stimulates digestion.

Mangoes have a mild laxative effect, it is connected to the presence of natural fruit acids in them. During the constipation, it`s enough for two days have mangoes.

Полезные свойства манго


  • Peel of the fruit can cause allergic reactions
  • Most mangoes, which are sold in Russia, unripened. Eating those fruits in large amounts may adversely affect the work of the body.

Сушенное манго

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