Пюре Манго
Желе Манго

Mango Puree

Mango Puree

Country of Origin: Philippines
Storage: 12 month
Net Weight: 2 l.

Ingredients: Mangoes, Sugar

Nutrition Facts:
Vitamin A (4%), Vitamin С (525%), Vitamin E
Lemon acid
Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron
Proteins, carbohydrates, fats
110 ccal per 100 gr



Mango is a very healthy and tasty fruit, gaining popularity among our countrymen. Unfortunately, in our country do not reach the most delicious and ripe fruit. Mango puree — is one way to enjoy this exotic fruit far beyond the country of its origin. Puree is mashed mango pulp and sugar. There are many options for use it in a great variety of food, any housewife can create own meals with the mango puree. Mango pulp can be consumed «neat», and also added in ice cream, desserts, yogurt, cheese, juices, etc., or simply mixed with water. The mango pulp contains a large amount of fluid and minerals that stimulates activity of the intestines and kidneys, as well as lowers blood pressure and helps to strengthen blood vessel walls.