Пюре Манго
Желе Манго

Mangoes Jelly

Mangoes Jelly

Country of Origin: Philippines
Storage: 12 month
Net Weight: 130 g.

Ingredients: Mangoes, Sugar, Vitamin C, gelatin.

Nutrition Facts:
Vitamin A (6%), Vitamin С (50%), Vitamin E
Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron (2%)
Proteins, carbohydrates, fats
80 ccal per 100 gr


Without GMOs

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Mango is a dietetically valuable product. Eating mango is recommended at high mental load, stress, and also for nervous relaxation. When a person is mentally exhausted or is depressed, his body is actively consumed vitamin B. Eating the flesh of mango (from the pulp puree) can help fill this deficiency. The jelly made from puree, with addition of the gelatin and sugar. Jelly of mango — is a ready-to-use, incredible tasty and extremely healthy product. The jelly is made from mango puree, mashed content of 30%. The jelly is packaged in hermetically sealed bags with easy screw cap, which allows to carry it and use at any time. For example, if you feel tiredness at the end of the day, you can enjoy the stunning jelly taste and also allowed your body to remove the mental stress and exhaustion.