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11 march 2017 Something New All news
7D Food Europe

FPD Food International Inc., was established in the Philippines in 1974. One of the leading and world well known manufacturer in Asia. Highest quality products are delivered at domestic and international markets.

7D grows and selects quality mangoes on their own plantations and uses a special drying process to meet the domestic and export market needs! 7D Mangoes — a world famous brand.

7D Foods Europe — Official Representative Office in Milan, Italy. We are offering exclusively supplier Philippines 7D Mangoes and other mango products.

A wide range of 7D Company includes excellent dried mango, and also other mango products: nectar, puree, jelly and delicious fruit candy Mangorind. All our products perfect for all cases! Dried mango, Mangorind, jelly, nectar ready for use. As well dried mango nectar, puree and mango jelly can be used for cooking: soft drinks, fruit smoothies, lemonades and Smoothie, desserts, ice cream, and as fillings and decorations for cakes, condiments and sauces, salad dressings and exotic main courses of meat and fish. Products 7D Mangoes — the best choice for restaurants, cafe, confectionery, dairy and baking industries! Mango is a great energizer, improves mood, relieves nervous tension.